Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Human Variation and Genetic Diversity: Understand in Grace

My friend Erik sent me this link (some time ago) to the doll test on this site of the American Anthropological Association. http://www.understandingrace.org/home.html
I found everything on the site to be worth exploring, especially since we still hear nonsense about the "Hispanic race", support for "interracial dating", and "race" categories used by the Census Bureau and U. S. Government to classify people. I have always felt shocked and offended to find a form where I need to decide my "race". Although it might seem to be worth it, if for the purpose of achieving greater equality, it can never achieve that goal as long as these false categories exist. In fact, the comparison of racial categories in censuses around the world (by NYU sociologist Ann Morning) was one of my favorite parts of the site. This presentation should also be required material in every school.

Much less subtly, the mass promotion of racism by propaganda in the US in World War 2 and the Vietnam War have also done damage not unlike the damage of slavery that takes decades if not centuries to heal.

The URL looks like "Understand In Grace .org" but should be read "Understanding Race .org".

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