Wednesday, June 27, 2007


An annoying thing about Japan is the kind of reverse daylight savings time used here. I don't know exactly why this is, but it gets light at 3:57 AM. That wouldn't be so bad, but it is dark by 7 or 7:30. If it gets dark an hour after 6 PM, shouldn't it get light an hour before 6 AM? We are not far out of the center of the time zone, either, not like all of China operating on the same time zone. Solar noon is at 11:43. I guess my astronomy has got a bit rusty here where we see only a handful of stars most of the time. I wish there were Daylight Savings Time here but it still has a bad reputation from the postwar era where it was used to squeeze more work out of construction workers who typically took off when it got too dark to work. I think it is still opposed by unions and has no proponents as far as I have heard.

Info is from Weather Underground.

June 27, 2007


Solar Noon


Actual Time 4:27 AM JST 11:43 AM JST 7:00 PM JST
Civil Twilight 3:57 AM JST
7:30 PM JST
Nautical Twilight 3:19 AM JST
8:07 PM JST
Astronomical Twilight 2:38 AM JST
8:48 PM JST
Altitude -0.8° 77.8° -0.8°
Azimuth 60.2° 180.0° 299.8°
Hour Angle of the Sun 109.1° 109.1° -109.1°
Mean Anomaly of the Sun 171.48° 171.78° 172.08°
Obliquity 23.44° 23.44° 23.44°
Right Ascension of the Sun 95.25° 95.57° 95.88°
Sun Declination 23.35° 23.34° 23.33°
Moon 4:11 PM JST

1:18 AM JST
Length Of Visible Light: 15h 33m
Length of Day
14h 33m
Tomorrow will be 0m 18s shorter.

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