Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dylanesque and other White Wabbits

Brian Ferry doing Bob Dylan covers? I actually like that idea. In theory, anyway. But I like covers in general, despite the danger of Rock eventually becoming a frozen and dead musical form consisting entirely of perfectly rendered covers. I guess I like to see how everything gets filtered through an individuality and given a new gestalt. I like both artists, but I have to admit that Bob Dylan doing Brian Ferry covers would probably suck (except "Slave to Love" and maybe a few others?). My all time favorite cover concept is Elmer Fudd doing the Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. If I could do a decent Elmer Fudd imitation I would record this myself:

White Wabbit -

by Jeffewson Aiwpwane
One piww makes you wawjaw
And one piww makes you smaww
And de ones that muddaw gives you
Don't do anyting at aww
Go aks Awice
When she's ten feet taww

And if you go chasing wabbits
And you know you'we going to faww
Teww 'em a hookah-smoking catewpiwwaw
Has given you the caww
Wecaww Awice
When she was just smaww !

When men on the chessboawd
Get up and teww you wheah to go
And you've just had some kind of mushwoom
And youw mind is moving wow
Go aks Awice
I tink she'ww know
When wogic and pwopowtion
Have fawwen swoppy dead
And de White Knight is tawking backwawds
And de Wed Qween's "off wif hew head!"
Wemembew what the dowmouse said:
"FEED youw head -----
FEED youw head------"

Automated lyric conversion courtesy of the Dialectizer, plus my tweaks. Awtawnativewy, you can twy The Voices of Many. By the way, I hope Grace Slick's DNA is available to be cloned so we can recreate the 1967 hippie chick version someday for stocking the amusement parks. Watch YouTube 1967 Smothers Brothers vs 1969 Woodstock vs AB'67.

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