Thursday, May 03, 2012

Teaching English in my sleep -- to the Korean occupation forces

I dreamed that Korea invaded. They just sort of massed in the hills and mountains overlooking the city (the dream place looked a little like Kyoto) and then filed in. The young soldiers were polite and seemed a little sheepish, so you almost felt a little sorry for them. Since the occupation was non-violent, there was no violent resistance, either, but there were some arguments along the lines of "Hey! Whaddaya think you're doing? This is stupid!" Young women were deployed too as soldier/spokespersons for the occupiers. For some reason they had decided to use English rather than Korean or Japanese as the occupation language. I became busy talking with the Korean spokeswomen over how the meaning of various edicts changed when there was no article as opposed to the definite or indefinite article.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Day in the Life

I played a tape today, oh boy
and tho the sound was rather bad
we had to listen as
Sachiko, Ricardo and Maria took a business class
I'd love to turn it off

Human Radiometer Birdhairjp

Birdhairjp visits the three cities of Koriyama, Nihonmatsu, and Fukushima to conduct radiation measurements at elementary schools and public parks 55 to 60 km from Fukushima Dai-Ichi as the cherry blossom front moves through. Past measurements have been made in many places, including Namie (65μSv/h), Kashiwa (9μSv/h) and Tokyo (2.35μSv/h at Minami-Katsushika H.S.).

The results at ground level are horrible. Although these may be hot spots, they are in public areas. The results at chest height (1.4, 0.81, 0.56μSv/h) are not terribly good either.