Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rushlimbo or Rash-limp-bo'

I try to avoid all discourse related to nutcase luminaries such as "rushlimbo" the limp and "ancolter". I managed to avoid knowing who the latter was until relatively recently but elrushbo was insinuated into my awareness by his presence on military radio, virtually the only source of English language radio around here, where he was placed as a "counterpoint" to "balance" NPR!
Now, I suppose somebody has to do the dirty toilet-cleaning work of listening to these fools and deconstructing what they say, but I would prefer to ignore both of them, and those who elevate them by talking about them. For me, the deconstruction is as if someone were watching a channel of commercials or the shopping channel, and presenting carefully researched counterpoints to the presentation. Hey. These are commercials. Of course it's a stream of lies. I know they are trying to sell me something. Why would I want to hear or look at what they are saying? Well, I can think of one reason: to study fascist discourse techniques. Anyway, I will violate my general rule of ignoring the idiots because the following image keeps popping into my head whenever I hear one of those names (which shall remain unnamed):

This is your brain.

This is your brain on drugs.

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