Saturday, July 08, 2006

Burn oil, burn the constitution, burn Iraqis, burn the planet, but not the Flag

The US government recently cleared their desks of such minor issues as the destruction of New Orleans and Global Warming, pushing those issues off the back burner to another row of burners in back of those, in order to take up the pressing issue of flag burning.

I seem to recall being instructed in Boy Scouts or somewhere that the proper way of disposing of an American Flag was to burn it. It was not respectful to dispose of it in any other way, say as a cleaning rag or quilt or grease rag in the garage or buttwipes or something.

Somehow somebody somewhere has switched the rules 180˚ so that the flag should now never be burned. I wonder how they are suggesting we dispose of one? I guess since they are now sacred icons, they will never decay or grow old. Perhaps by touching the flag, we may obtain everlasting life. Sleep on one, and wake up feeling revitalized and refreshed. Wrap yourself in one for protection against our one billion enemies' thrice-daily prayers for our destruction.

Perhaps this proposed legislative (constitutional!) protection should also be extended to corporate logos as well as those of nation-states. Do not throw that Kleenex box in the trash; it has the Kleenex logo on its side.

Likewise with the Deer (i.t.h.) Leeder. Do not some use his name inappropriately in the newspapers, and are not these newspapers sometimes burned? Are these not Executive Desecrations, "hate-speech" in Repuglicant newspeak?

There were four known flag-"desecration" incidents in the US in the first 6 months of 2006. Note that the use of the word "desecration" is a misnomer, for the flag is not a sacred object of any religion, although this attempted legislation and linguistic usage found in the slipstream (a.k.a. cashstream) media attempts to program people to think that way. This merges church and state by making the symbols of the state into sacred objects.

It is a piece of cloth. It is no different than a photo or a piece of paper with a word or picture on it. Photographs will not steal your soul. These are symbols. They are not magical or sacred icons, you sick, sick Sedators(66-34). Please dump these (66) people, voters. (Assuming your vote will not be hacked.)

I suppose if I were in the DPRK, North Korea, and I cut a picture of Kin Jong Il, their Dear Leader, in half, I would probably get the death penalty there. America sure knows what countries to choose to emulate: Welcome to the DPRK model of magical statecraft!

A more better written better researched post on this stillborn brainchild of Utah Sedator Orrin Hatch here, which informed this rant post.

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