Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Talkman and other S2S translation (Universal Translator?)

The TALKMAN is inexpensive speech-to-speech translation/game software for the Sony PSP!
This article or review describes the capabilities of the thing.
(That site also links to some Japanese TV ads for it, which I haven't seen and haven't bothered to watch. Maybe later.)

Here are some recent reports about DARPA's efforts (to take over the world!)
The DOD has wanted US soldiers to be able to carry a portable universal translator for years.
This would give the US military the option of speaking to foreign civilians, reducing the need to shoot them.

Here is a paper by researchers at IBM:
They have a Mandarin-English system.

ATT/Bell Labs would like to offer various speech technology services.

Their "Natural Voices" (=synthetic voices) text-to-speech is here:
and will convert text files to audio files. (But... Macs have had TTS, spoken alerts, for 8 or 10 years.)

A short article on natural language processing:

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