Monday, June 05, 2006

The OPEC Administration

What if OPEC ran US energy policy? How would it be different? Suppose, during a time of international tension, they had wined and dined a president's delinquent son, investing in his loser business plans. Years later, when the little drunk becomes president, his former benefactors expect payback. In an administration full of corporate CEOs, the US oil industry, the local distributors for OPEC product, have a prominent role. As the rest of the world rushes to meet their obligations under the Kyoto protocol, taxing carbon and promoting clean renewable energy, the US vice-president and DUI drunk Italian-designer-shotgun enthusiast Halliburton "Dick" Cheney secretly crafts an energy policy based on OIL PRODUCTION. Barely a word is ever heard of energy independence, as the whole point is to make America addicted to oil, benefitting producers (his Kuwaiti and Saudi backers) and the middleman (US Oil).

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