Sunday, June 11, 2006

Evolution Control Committee

Cut-and-paste "plagiarhythm" mash-up sound collagists the ECC have a new album, Weapons of Ass Destruction, available for free download, on their sounds page. The ECC is most famous for Rocked By Rape, a soaring tribute to the media skills of CBS "anchor" Dan Rather, or an insane send-up that takes the piss(?). Another favorite of mine that you can download from the sounds page is Star-Spangled Balogna (sic). Both tracks are best heard when loaded onto your iPod, and played unexpectedly in public transit.
I feel a special bond with Dan Rather, having watched him from 1992, when I finally adopted the VCR technology, to 1996, when I got satellite. During those years, one constant contact point with American society was the CBS Evening News I recorded at 3 or 4 a.m. every morning and watched during breakfast. To me he was the face of America, if he wasn't already before that time.
He still speaks to me, I hear him, but it is usually one of Harry Shearer's impersonations.

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