Sunday, June 25, 2006

Iraq's Pentagon Papers

For those over 40 (old enough to remember), or the educated, Daniel Ellsberg is the government whistle-blower par excellence. He is now calling for a "Pentagon Papers" of Iraq to come out.

Those documents, if they ever come to light, could be even more interesting than the Vietnam edition. I am reminded of the recent story about the CIA's secret prisons around the world, exposed in a Pulitzer-Prize-winning report by Washington Post reporter Dana Priest. Human Rights Watch has more documentation of detainees who have disappeared in secret prisons.

An article by Steve Kangas entitled A Timeline of CIA Atrocities seems almost naive in light of the more recent allegations of CIA malfeasance. His well-documented account of the global control wielded by The Firm turns out to have been not paranoid enough. I read his site with interest, noting how out-of-date it had become, before discovering that he hadn't updated it with stronger arguments because he was dead. His wonderful site, The Liberalism Resurgent FAQ, lives on, although he died under mysterious circumstances in 1999. It's a sad story. See also

I have to wonder what really is going on, if Bush is so far to the right of the CIA that he ordered the agency to be purged of liberals.
Maybe they will destroy each other? (But I thought that of Bush and Saddam Hussein, too.) Is this all just a show? The CIA had started to include too many real people, even liberals or democrats, and needed to be cleansed?

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