Thursday, June 01, 2006

Res Inexplicata Volans

This interview with Apollo Nove on The World turned me on to some new things happening in Brazilian music. You can get the podcast from iTunes or listen (in windowsmedia format) and/or read the interview at the PRI/BBC The World site .

You can download 4 lo-fi mp3s from the album from
These are truncated! The title track went from 4:19 to only 1:43:-(

This blogger has a great review of the album.

She also links to links to the Vatican's official modern Latin word list (Léxicon Recentis Latinitatis), with items for karate, kamikaze, mountain bike, laser, baby-sitter, blue-jeans, check-up, camping, discoteque, flirt, full-time, hot-pants, hummus, jazz, jet, jeep, poncho, picnic, popcorn, privacy, punk, plaid, pizza, strudel, tobacco, terrorist, and dozens of other staple fixtures of modern life other than unidentified flying objects.

I'm drifting off topic now, but... This veeeeery tangentially unrelated link to is interesting, especially for their archive of UFO photographs, which often include the story behind the image.

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