Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mind-reading computer,146510-c,artificialintelligence/article.html

It was bad enough back in the future "2001" when HAL could read lips. Now he's reading minds. MRI is not a practical input method, however. Retrofitting the acronym : Magnetic Resonance Imaging >> Mind Reading Interface. Remember the good old days of the noughties when computers couldn't read your mind and hackers and spooks couldn't hack into your thoughts and didn't know when you were thinking negative thoughts about the Dear Leader? --or negative thoughts about the computer?

Of course, there is a bright side, it's just that that's all you ever read about. Look on the dark side, and all five sides of the issue. Linguistically and cognitively, it is very interestingThe positive applications for Universal Access are pretty obvious, but beyond that it is easy to imagine an almost complete end to privacy in its last refuge, the mind.

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