Friday, June 06, 2008

Cut 'n' Paste McCain: Tired, old, recycled, and unimaginative plagiarism is so clever

Now that BitchSlap'08 is winding down after the Final Slapdowns in South Dakota and Montana, performed gently by Barack Obama to spare Hill-Rod the more painful slapdown at the hands of general election voters and Panamanian-born former (and continuing psychological) Prisoner of War John McCain, Grampa McCain has toyed with a new campaign slogan: A Leader You Can Believe In. If that sounds familiar, it may be because he stole it from Barack Obama's Change You Can Believe In. His theory is it's not plagiarism if you change one word. Other times he hasn't even bothered to change one word. Earlier, he stole Ready to Lead on Day One and splayed that across his website. He's also stolen I'm fired up and ready to go, an unregistered trademark of Barack Obama. Hill-Rod has had her people steal from Obama as well, appropriating Si, se puede (to fire up her Espanophone campaign). She's nicked a few other Obamanian lines. All's fair in love and war. Still, it tells you where the ideas are and where the dull and imaginative people are, too. Some lead, others follow. If Obama wears a track suit at his next appearance, maybe Grampa will do so, too. This could be a sign of senility. If he starts repeating lines from television commercials and thinking he's being funny, his people better keep him indoors and just feed him jelly beans and viagra like the Reagan/Dole handlers did, and hope the voters won't notice.

McCain alters Obama slogan to his own liking

WASHINGTON (AP) — The general election is now in full speed — just check out the competing slogans.
Republican John McCain has transformed rival Barack Obama's slogan of "Change We Can Believe In" into his own line, "A Leader We Can Believe In."
McCain's campaign this week posted the personalized motto on its Web site, The white, bold words are posted on a blue background above red and white stripes — a pattern similar to Obama's campaign logo.
"The choice is between the right change and the wrong change; between going forward and going backward," follows Sen. McCain's new slogan.
After Sen. Obama gathered enough delegates to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday, McCain repeatedly evoked Obama's slogan at a rally while standing in front of a campaign banner that read "A Leader We Can Believe In."
"He doesn't trust us to make decisions for ourselves and wants the government to make them for us. And that's not change we can believe in," McCain said Tuesday.
Obama's campaign also revised its Web site,
It now says "WE DID IT" in bold, blue letters highlighted by images of fireworks.

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