Monday, June 09, 2008

Matsuzakaya winning QR-codeness race

The low-intensity search for the building in Japan which most closely resembles a QR code goes on. The Matsuzakaya store in Ueno is the best candidate so far. I couldn't be bothered to walk far from my stroll down Ameyoko, but I found another picture of it on the internet courtesy of (whatever that is). Applying ample skew to both my and the found image samples, you can see how it would appear to a observer or bar-code reader in a non-Euclidean geometry. I put the original in the corner and distorted the found image to try to get to a grid.

I'm not sure if they were actually going for a QR-code look, but I think they were just looking for a digital, pixelated appearance. Come to think of it, depending on what year the building was designed, the dot-matrix-printer could have been the inspiration.

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