Friday, June 06, 2008

Harvest Vehicle

Next time an ambulance drives by or comes to pick you up, it may not be to save your life; it may only be there to harvest your organs. Do you honestly think that if some big shot like Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, or some unknown über-riche were in the local hospital in desperate need of a heart, that your records wouldn't be faked to make it appear that you had died moments before the vehicle arrived and your heart was removed? This isn't too far-fetched (or even fetched) either; how often have you read of people who were believed to be dead being found barely alive and revived at the morgue? Mistakes would be much more likely in the rush to harvest organs. You'd be much less likely to be found with a barely discernible heartbeat if your heart had already been removed and given to someone who was able to afford health care.

My gut feeling is that this idea will never get off the ground due to the creep-out factor registered not just by me but by legions of many other undead.

NY considers creating 'organ-removal' ambulance
By DAVID B. CARUSO, Associated Press Writer
Thu Jun 5, 3:14 PM ET
NEW YORK - Saving the living has always been the No. 1 priority for a New York City ambulance crew. But a select group of paramedics may soon have a different task altogether: saving the dead. The city is considering creating a special ambulance whose crew would rush to collect the newly deceased and preserve the body so that the organs might be taken for transplant.

Organ-Wagon? OK, who at AP decides the web-page URL?

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