Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I bought a 4GB ASUS EEE PC for Y28,000. It has Windows XP Home Edition. The 4GB flash drive comes with less than a gig left free after the OS is installed. I removed Explorer, Outlook Express, and as many Microsoft wares as possible while installing a suite of essentials.  A 4GB SD card also slots in. 

I will try to leave none of my files onboard; keep them only on the SD card, a USB memory stick, or external hard drive. I put GIMP portable on the SD, may try that with Go-oo (open Office) and other wares, too. I'm posting this with Google Chrome. Will also consider a version of Ubuntu to run off an external drive. Windows XP in Japanese is even worse than the English one as far as I am concerned. Because of the laanguage, xp OS, small keyboard and 800x480 monitor, It's not very comfortable to use, but it works well, it incredibly light, and has a camera.

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