Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Banner Day

The scowling, muzzled visage of vice Richard "Dick" Cheney, traces of his sidekick Governor "W" Bush and moll, and the twisted, satanically-W-inscribed fo'ead of Tony "W" Blair have long held a place in the banner image of this blog, reminding you, the reader, that the world is full of kindly elderly gentlemen (and ladies) who secretly wish to hurt or kill you and chew off your face. Although I hesitated to remove these reminders of an earlier time before the inauguration due to a lingering paranoid suspicion that Mister Cheney's minions would crash a fleet of airliners into the inauguration ceremonies, decimating the attendees and leaving Mister Cheney as the highest-ranking surviving government official in the Secure Undisclosed Location from which he would emerge and declare himself ruler for life in a new Republic, I feel that the probability of such a plot succeeding, were it to be attempted, is safely low enough that I can delete his muzzled mug and all signs of the others and allow myself to imagine and enjoy an era when they are slowly forgotten. They have been replaced with a sunflower, a lotus blossom, and --lest we forget and lower our guard-- a bee.  

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