Thursday, January 01, 2009

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This is post number 404. I have deleted some posts before, and will do so again, so it's a meaningless number, especially since I am thinking to post (and post-date) some things I have been doing since November 9. This marks the end (perhaps) of an extended period of non-blogging. This has been a time for reading, listening, and action other than blogging. (I did add some feeds of Japan bloggers to the sidebar, though.) There are dozens of candidate topics for blogging daily, and I have reverted to sending mass e-mails, so I will try to resume blogging, perhaps by e-mailing posts. Blogging is just not a very high priority in the big scheme of things, as much as I would like to do more of it.

I have never been a fan of the "Blogging will be light the next few days" sort of message. This just seems wrong for several different reasons. First, it is presumptive about the future. I may be dead in the next few days. In that event, any "Blogging will be light" prediction will seem quite ironic. It is similar to signing in for every day of the month at the beginning of the month. Second, it assumes that there are readers, that the readers are sentient beings, and that the readers care. There may be no readers (statcounter could be fibbing?), those readers could be bots and spiders, and the reader(s) could be apathetic or hostile to the perceived probability of future postings. Finally, self-referential scribblings will accumulate and distract, eventually forming a large proportion of one's posts. If 20% of a blog's posts are about the expected frequency of future posts, or apologies for past nonexistent posts, it would be a nuisance to read. Fundamentally, this blog is not to serve or build a community of readers, but just for me to express myself. I would like to have one or more readers, but not too many more than that.

However, having said that, I will try to resume blogging (but it may be light for the next year or two…). I list no email address, but comment modulation is on and results in an email sent to my account, so post a comment to send me a mail. I have only rejected one comment, and that because it was about ten thousand words in German about UFOs. I guess there was no upper limit on comment length at that time, but it exceeded my own upper limit, which is that comments must be no longer than the cumulative content of the entire blog, at least, particularly when in a non-English lingo.

Happy New yEar, reader! It's a cow. The end of the noughties is within countdown range and the teenies will be upon us soon. After '09 the "twenny" will come into use, as in "twenny-ten".

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