Monday, February 02, 2009

Sober Driver '09

Busy busy busy. Need a break. What's Dengue Fever been up to lately? SF and NYC. This video recorded January 17 is of decent quality. Sober Driver is one of my favorite tracks from Venus on Earth. This is the fist video I've seen of this band in the Obama era. And if you dwell on that thought, it may occur to you that we do have a "sober driver" at the helm of the United States, if the US has a helm. Black coffee, no sugar, a bit of LMM for sweetness. Sobers you right up. You may also recall that the last occupant of the office, his veep, and wife were all confirmed DUI drivers!

Sober Driver has a pretty good premise and funny lyrics. I particularly like "The cake is all dry!" as something the fictional self-centered loose drunk chick of the story would say when she's tired of the party and calls her sober part-time boyfriend for a ride. I have to say that "It's withered, dull, and dry" makes a strange refrain (unless I've been mis-hearing it massively all along). Unfortunately for America, the drunk chick in this extended metaphor is the American public. Oh, well. Carry on, my wayward sons of…

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