Monday, February 02, 2009

Break a leg, Kev!

February 1st, 2009 --Tokyo. Somebody finally broke "Kevin's" leg(s). I can't tell you how happy that makes me. I think it was the kid with the headphones that he was making such a fuss over back in July. Hey: it's a roaring train, full of drunk people talking loudly after work and housewives gossiping at a siren's pitch over the train noise most of the time.Then there's the sardine-packing, the bad breath and other body odors, the sneezing and coughing commuters, the brazen nose-pickers. Hello? If Kevin imagines that he can hear a faint strains of music of several decibels loudness destroying the inhuman industrial ambiance when the train stops, he should put on his own headphones and play noisy recordings of industrial machinery such as trains so he can be happy.

But having said that, the couple making sweet sweet choco-love in public in his chair should give it up for the dude with the creepy glasses.

Another possible suspect at the top of the list is the guy (and girl) he walked over back in January.

Postscript: Scholars of Japanese urban rail manners posters will recall that the "Do it at home!" series follows a dubious series featuring Clifford the big red dog, and apparently aimed at the critical trouble-making 3-year-old demographic. Or they were thinking long-term, for when those kids turn 20. Or it was aimed at the inner 3-year-old encysted within each of us. But then they should have used Mickey.

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