Friday, February 29, 2008

REJECT AND DENOUNCE '08 and the McCain ineligibility

Today, Hill-Rod used the three words "reject and denounce" in reference to one of her race-baiting supporters (not Bill). These were the exact three words Barack Obama had used just a day or two earlier to denounce his own racist backer.

This 3-word plagiarism from her competing candidate clearly out-shocks the two-word plagiarism "Just words?" Barack borrowed from his colleague and appended to his 3 famous quotations from American history.

Hill-Rod stopped saying "That's straight out of the Republican playbook!" for a few hours and said "That's straight out of Karl Rove's playbook!" instead. She sounds like she has Alzheimers at times. Give it a rest, Hill-Rod. The 90s are over. Being busy with the campaign and all, you may not have heard, but even Karl Rove is over, so substituting "Karl Rove" for "Republican" is not an update. It's the McCain, stupid!

In other McCain news, have you noticed that McCain was born in Panama? Panama is not part of the United States and makes him ineligible to stand as a candidate for the presidency. Oops. Didn't he ever hear of "A man, a plan, a canal, Panama"? Think about theese things before you go and run for president! D'oh!

It seems like somebody already has been thinking about it. At the same time I heard that news, James Baker III was seen endorsing McCain. You may recall with horror how JB3 also appeared out of the woodwork in 2000 (when Florida went to Chad) to fix the election with his supreme court homies, so he may feel it is time for another supreme court coup d'etat.

Someone noted how that (natural-born qualification) just couldn't be right, that would be telling all of the gallant American warriors stationed in the empire's bases scattered around the world that their babies born abroad could never grow up to be the President of the United States!

That's just the way it is until you amend the US Constitution.
What would Ron Paul say?
Hey… shit… that would be good news for the…
Huckster! You're the Republican saviour now! :-o

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