Monday, February 11, 2008

15 Best Pages at

I spent an hour or two on this site about a week ago after someone sent me a link to their Engrish, which was not very good. I think they are not very critical, and have some hoax content. It's best regarded as entertainment with the occasional fact, much like the Discovery Channel. Still, I was able to read about Alex, Washoe, and shape-shifting reptilians on the same site. Formatting every post as a list seems constraining, but gives the authors a template to use, I suppose. I will follow that format in this (meta-)list of 15 of the Best Pages at

  1. 10 Signs you've spent all summer in Amsterdam Give the hotel staff 5 stars! :-)
  2. 15 Stupidest Warning labels Includes the proper use of screwdrivers and chainsaws. Viewer discretion advised. (Stick figures in peril)
  3. 12 Crazy old ads Baby needs soda!
  4. Propaganda Got brainwashed?
  5. 15 Badly placed ads Some of these are attributable to google ads and thus badly placed by robots, not by random.
  6. 9 Insane Weapons The gay bomb, bat bomb, cat bomb, dog bomb, and other little-known weapons that changed our world
  7. 1800s color photography :: ahead of their time
  8. Atomic Blast Photos The first milliseconds -- are these for real?
  9. Youngest Mother :: the future of human evolution in a planet chernobyl scenario
  10. 7 Super animals includes Alex and Washoe
  11. 10 Superhumans :: collected real-life superhumans
  12. 10 Strange Diseases including human zebra syndrome
  13. 10 Extinct Animals Add a few hundred more to the list -- or bring these back?
  14. 7 Craziest Conspiracies Reptilian shape-shifters -and- the alleged Israeli plot to make teenage Palestinian girls horny
  15. 7 Worst Killer Plagues Know your history!

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