Friday, December 28, 2007

Strength Through Peace

Whether I use the VoteMatch2000 Quiz (2008 edition) or the Pick Your Candidate quiz it comes up Kucinich. Dodd and Clinton are down a notch, and Gravel, Edwards, and Obama another click down. I am not optimistic about Dennis's chances. I don't think Dodd has appeal either, and Clinton gains a point for being a woman but loses a point for being a dynastic candidate, ridiculing Obama's overseas kindergarten remark, and using the phrase "straight out of the Republican playbook" once too often. I don't want to hear that, "vast rightwing conspiracy", or see her used on Lou Dobbs to support a point of his. I think Edwards will end up on the ticket somehow or another, and possibly Obama or Richardson.

A few days ago I googled Dennis Kucinich and google suggested that what I really wanted was Dennis Kucinich wife. But when I googled him again today that didn't happen. This is an interesting story, though.

First they kicked out Gravel; then they kicked Kucinich out of the Democratic Debates. The DMRegister says Dennis was rejected for not having a campaign office; the Kucinich campaign says it was rejected because the campaign operates out of a private home, not a rented office.

Dennis needs to accomplish something if he wants to leap to the top of the polls. Success in impeaching Cheney, Bush, or shutting down the war in Iraq would shoot him up to the top of the polls. In order to do this, he would actually have to have actions outside of the DC beltway. Motivating 1% of the American people to put down their tools and occupy City Halls, State Capitals, Halliburton and other corporate HQ (that haven't been moved to Dubai), and universities, this would lead to an end of the war within weeks as forces moved home to re-assert control of state and city governments, re-open universities, and take back the corporate headquarters. Basically 1968 all over again, but people don't care as much as they did in 1968 because there isn't the death toll of that time or the draft. The post-9-11 psychology takes time to process through, too.

Somehow, Dennis Kucinich looks Chinese. It's probably a past life of his. He would have been a Taoist poet and government official. He also reminds me a little of Popeye for no good reason that I can think of other than being small of stature, being vegan and therefore presumably liking vegetables including spinach and rhyming with "spinach". "We'll vote for Kucinich, 'cause he eats his spinach; He's Dennis the Congressman." Dennis may not get strong by having a peace platform, but may need to show some strength first to get peace that would then allow him to get stronger.

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