Monday, December 24, 2007

Collagist Charles Farrell

I found the collage art of Charles Farrell the other day, on Blogger, during a google search. Preliminary estimates show that his pictures may actually be worth twenty-three thousand words, far more than the usual one thousand. I met the artist formerly known as "Chuck" when I was a teenager, knew him in Iowa City and New York City and haven't heard from him since.

Another mutual friend from that time, Dan Perkins, is in the public sphere with his comics, but whatever happened to Peter Williams? Austin… Baltimore… The Bees (?) … Jesus Was Just ET… Impossible Industrial Action… "with known waste reserves rapidly dwindling"… Illinois… 647 E. 11th St NY, NY 10009: none of these terms seem to go very far on Google. I last heard from Peter in the late 1980s or 1990.

It'd been about 25 years since I had seen or heard from Charles Farrell. It's fascinating what changes and what stays the same. You don't need to know the artist to appreciate the art, so check it out. Similar artists:

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