Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mister Cheney demolishes the case for invading Baghdad

In April 1994, Dick laid out his top 10–or at least 4– reasons for not invading Iraq. He should properly be wearing a turban and sit in front of a crystal ball in this clip, for his prognostications were right on the mark.

What I heard:

  • US would be alone with no support from Arab allies.
  • Problem of what to replace the government with
  • Problem of Iraqi national integrity vis-a-vis Syria, Iran, Kurdistan and Turkey
  • Casualties
Was he saying what he believed then and not in the 2000s? Or did he just parrot the Bush 41 line then and do what he really wanted with 43? Or did the opportunity to squirrel away billions of dollars in war profiteering for himself and his buddies in Halliburton present an irresistible business opportunity?

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