Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fear of Speaking

I noticed some time ago that the Prelinger Archives have made it easier to embed videos. At one time, it (the code for embedding, I mean) wasn't there. Hmmm… Is this working?

I enjoy the work of Centron Productions, which was, like William Burroughs, out of Lawrence, Kansas. Something in the water, I guess, kinda like Hope, Arkansas. They seem to have made three films on public speaking, which could be useful if you want to make a speech the way people did 50 years ago in 1957. You can hear the whirring of the projector in some of these, which is either very cool and nostalgic, or rather annoying, depending on your outlook. I wonder if those wavelengths could be isolated and removed without too much trouble.

Update: Removing the embed code because it isn't working right and is annoying when it briefly autoplays.

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