Friday, January 15, 2010

Mac4Lin: AAPLification

I didn't know about Mac4Lin when I changed to Linux, but even if I had, I don't think I would have used it. It could be confusing, although it might ease the transition for some. It was publicized on Lifehacker last summer and before that on MakeTechEasier for Hardy and Intrepid. The option to change the "traffic light window control" is good to know, and could please users who want to have that in the upper left hand corner, but I've already gotten used to the upper right hand corner and now find the Mac way annoying. What was interesting to me was how good a simulation you could produce in Ubuntu, as seen in some Flickr screen shots. I also wonder why you'd want to, but it could be a challenge for someone. Rather than a near-perfect simulation, it might be more fun to make a slightly tweaked-looking anti-Mac clone. That reminds me that it could be a useful alternative for Psystar (if they have any future). It shows, anyway, how easy it is to configure Linux. I'm surprised AAPL hasn't tried to sue, but if they can find someone to sue, it might give Linux more attention and help drive AAPL into the ground. I suppose if they are not concerned about the Hackintosh, they won't care about someone simply displaying an AAPL logo in another OS.

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