Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Case of the Missing Change Case: gedit vs OOo

One function that's missing from but which Microshaft Worm had is the Change Case function. I would sometimes use this to type in lower-case and later convert to Sentence case or Title Case. Although it doesn't seem to be available in OpenOffice -AFAIK, it shows up in gedit! I'm not sure if it's worth switching out of OO.o to do a tweak in gedit, but it's there. 

Note the Edit menu doesn't have this as an option as default, but open Preferences.

Select Plug-ins and then check Change Case. 

Check "Sort" too. Gotta have that.  

There's Change Case. Sentence Case is not available, but the judicious use of Title Case could function as a substitute. 

There's "Sort" -- also in the Edit menu.  

Check it out. I wonder if there aren't any similar plug-ins for OO.o. 

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