Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year! Have a blast!

Having a blast! Wish you were here!
Your tax dollars at work. The Strontium-90 in your teeth and bones are compliments of the house.
Photograph by US Navy, copyright by National Geographic. How does that work?
You have to wonder if the US Navy wasn't setting of H-bombs just to get their photos into National Geographic. "We can't compete on any 'Bridges of Madison County' but, by God, let's see them beat this! Make sure only Navy photographers are there."
That whole 20th-century missile gap competition with the Soviets has to be the biggest scam ever perpetuated in history. From America's nearly invulnerable position it would have been able to resist successfully with no military at all, just bicycles (like the Swiss national defense) and small arms, like Afghanistan. The USSR couldn't even hold down Afghanistan and we're supposed to believe they would have defeated the United States? Using more than a handful of nukes would have risked bringing on a nuclear winter. Some umbrella.
Photo re-appropriated by the people, for the people.
Maybe the photo is the same as the one here? In that case Nat'l Geog. may just slap their Copyright mark on everything even though it's clearly in the public domain.
Should have used that. Damn. Found it too late.
The people of the Marshall Islands continue to suffer from what was done to them--Castle Bravo.

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