Friday, July 04, 2008

Midsummer Music

Dengue Fever in Norway a couple of weeks ago:

and in Pasadena last month around the solstice playing Hold My Hips (incomplete…)

and some of the same Pasadena moments from a different angle with some zooming, editing, few mini-interview questions:

That's very L.A. It's nice to see them playing out in the sunlight and see how they (look when they) play together.

an interview at Sasquatch Music Festival, late May 2008:

and another backstage sasquatch moment/interview:

Tiger Phone Card from something called Fuel(ish)TV:

Seeing Hands via Brightcove via The Daily Habit (Fuel TV?):

There is pretty bad audio (PBA?) throughout all of these (even the ones off tv), but I was looking more for the pretty bad video (PBV) which is better than no video at all (NVAA). To my surprise, these videos have small numbers of Views, like 78 and 111. I guess Dengue Fever has not yet become totally mainstream. Or should I say that the mainstream has not yet become Dengue Fever? FWIW.

Afterdenken: Gotta include a live version of Sober Driver, too, one of my favorite songs on Venus On Earth.

Alternatively, see this bluradelic version from at the Independent in San Francisco on April 18, 2008, substituting "San Francisco" for "Echo Park" in the lyrics.

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