Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cabaret Voltaire flashback

Cabaret Voltaire released "The Voice of America" in 1980. That was about half of the worthwhile music they did, as they were assimilated into new wave disco within a few years. I like the idea of them being beaten up by rock music fans at their live shows in Sheffield for producing industrial glitch soundscapes instead of the expected rock'n'roll. As part of our continuing series of nostalgic summer reruns, here is "Obsession" "Diskono" and "Badge of Evil".
band site: http://www.brainwashed.com/cv/index.php
wikipedia :

The assassination of John Lennon, election of Ronald Reagan, my moving to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and the release of "The Voice of America" are a few of the events that seemed to initiate the decade of the 1980s and its incessant nuclear warfare. It all looks so … cute (???) now. Back in the good old days, nurturing a paranoid and anti-social outlook was a goddess-given right, something our modern chemicals have taken away.

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