Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dirt-ePolitrix: Evil in Ads by Google

This is an ad that appeared on a news site, courtesy of Google Ads. I didn't follow the link, but it shows an almost Rovean level of political evil facilitated by the Google "Don't be evil" Ads.

A screen shot of the page is on the right, and the ad in context at the bottom of the page is shown below. The Daily Telegraph "Powered by the Sydney Herald" was the news site. Clinton, Obama slug it out was the story headline.

I don't know if it is just one newspaper, an Australian thing, or if even US news sites are allowing this kind of Obama slander and rumor mongering. It could be by an American or international racist organization, a wealthy and unscrupulous (but I repeat myself) Republican such as moneybags Mitt, or the Hill-Rod. I'm sure she would blame it on a vast right-wing conspiracy and contend that it came straight from the Republican Play Book. It looks like Google Ads has made it too easy to drop some money on them and them post libelous slander and lies disguised as ads. These would work best subliminally; most people don't even read the ads, only looking at them long enough to see that they are ads, but the message will come through better unfiltered in the peripheral vision, just as most ads are more effective if they are ignored and allowed to work subconsciously. If you pay conscious attention to commercials and analyze them intelligently, they are pretty much useless and ineffective. Google should watch themselves more closely, (slum)lord knows they are watching us.

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