Friday, January 25, 2008

Benazhir, Done That.

Really, Really Bad (outrageous, really) Bush-Admin Idea of the Day:

US willing to send troops to Pakistan
By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer
Thu Jan 24, 6:20 PM ET

The Bush administration is willing to send a small number of U.S. combat troops to Pakistan to help fight the insurgency there if Pakistani authorities ask for such help, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday.

"We remain ready, willing and able to assist the Pakistanis and to partner with them to provide additional training, to conduct joint operations, should they desire to do so," Gates told a news conference.
Pakistan is already the third largest recipient of US foreign aid, after Israel and Egypt. Perv is a dictator who seized power in a coup and is suppressing democracy. Perv should be asked to step aside for an interim administration that could hold elections. Meanwhile, Bush and Cheney should be impeached in the US before they start another war. Gates is opening the gates of hell.

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