Tuesday, January 22, 2008

American Political Markets

The Iowa Electronic Markets allow you to invest your money in the candidate(s) you think will win their parties' nominations, and on the party you think will win the US Presidential campaign.

The Iowa Electronic Markets are real-money futures markets in which contract payoffs depend on economic and political events such as elections.

It's been accurate to within a fraction of a percentage point in previous elections. These are static images, so click on them to go to the current dynamic images. You can see John McCain pick himself up off the floor and slowly dominate the Republican saloon of candidates. Iowa causes an earthquake which flips the Demo race, after which NH flips it back, but with some damage to Hill-Rod.

It's good to get a second opinion. A newer political market is the Rasmussen Reports political market. You can see the latest results of their futures market, and the daily presidential tracking poll or the Demo and Repo candidate match-ups are also interesting places to start.

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