Monday, July 30, 2007

Kagurazaka Matsuri

Tokyo July 27, 2007

These are cellphone quality videos uploaded to YouTube. I stumbled onto this. It's very energetic considering the heat. I was glad to get the audio: drumming, flutes, and voices. This effectively simulates the perception of a drunk myopic viewer. Extremely impressionistic. Best viewed with Firefox, on a Mac, with a squint, and 2 or more beers. Embrace the lo-fi low-res suck. Some like it pixelated. (My phone is limited to 50-second 3gp (176x144) clips of about 300k.)

The one on the bottom is pasted together from the clips. File size swelled to 53 MB from the original 2.+ MB of the clips, but it seems to have smoothed out the pixelation when it scaled up. Too big, though, and I might have to delete it. Anyway, enjoy! FWIW!

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