Monday, July 30, 2007

All things must PASMO.

The now archaic technology of the magnetic cards, PaSuNetTo and io. How soon we forget. The IC cards (rfid-based suICa and Pasmo) are more secure but lack the postcard-like designs of the magnetic era. I accidentally have a telephone card in there, too, but I have no way of knowing if they are still used, having not used a public phone in Japan for years as far as I can remember. Leaving home without a cellphone is like leaving without cash or pants these days. I don't miss the way payphone receivers came scented in tobacco, beer, sake, halitosis, vomitosis, fish, phlem, and other aromas. The magnetic patterns were easily forged and sold by illegal Iranian immigrants in the parks for years.

These cards have the original, unretouched scratches intact. Now that they are uploaded I can get rid of them. By the way, I have noted a decline in manners since Clifford the Big Red Dog began his appeal to commuters.

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