Saturday, April 28, 2007


Thank you, Dennis Kucinich, for beginning the movement to Impeach Cheney (First). That's thinking ahead about the possibility of Bush actually being impeached, which could become a disaster if Cheney mobilized his brownshirts. Is there anyone in American politics more positive and optimistic than Dennis? To those who joke at his low poll ratings, have a little imagination. Actually, it doesn't even take imagination, but just a memory or knowledge of history. I remember when Bill Clinton was at approximately 3% in the polls, still in January of 1992. Prior to that, in the year perhaps most like the anti-establishment election year to come, "Jimmy Who" came out of nowhere to take the presidency. On the flip side, look how some candidates who were once far out in front, like Hollerin' Howard Dean, did.

Rudolf Guiliani has hinted darkly that he will orchestrate another 9-11 attack if the Democrats win. Clever idea, Rudi. But we know that you are more likely to do it if you win, following the lead of Putin and Bush.

I can't hear the name "McCain" without a little soundtrack starting up playing in my head. McCain's theme song, compliments of Eric Clapton(?), would go something like this:

If you wanna hang out, you've got to take him out, McCain
If you wanna get down, get more troops on the ground, McCain
She don't like, he don't like, we don't like, McCain
With his Bullshit Express, he's gonna make a mess, McCain
Though his day is done, he's still gotta run, McCain
He's on fire, won't retire, he's for hire, McCain
When the Bushies are gone, he wants their war to go on, McCain
With the microphones on, he sings "bomb, bomb Iran", McCain
He gets high, he gets fly, he gets by, McCain

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