Sunday, April 08, 2007

April Chomsky Essay

Noam Chomsky wonders what Americans might think and do if Mexico and Canada had been invaded and occupied by a nuclear-armed superpower. I have conducted the same thought-experiment but I use China rather than Iran as the alternate history superpower since it is easier to imagine a timeline where China was able to invade. Chomsky wants Americans to put themselves in Iran's place and see the world (and American/Israeli threats) as it appears to them, in which acquiring nuclear defenses is a no-brainer. He manages to get in a plug for Failed States, which seems to have a lot of different covers, more overtly anti-American, outside of North America. That one looks almost like a rip-off of something I once did, but maybe theirs was first, or, if not, it's all open-source for a good cause.

Read What If Iran Had Invaded Mexico? at these sources:

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