Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Surreal Coconut

Surreal Coconut (www.surrealcoconut.com) has some galleries and a collection of urban ruins photographs. The website creator, Eric W. Bragg, not to be confused with Tokyo Hypnotherapist Erik Bragg or actor Erik Bragg, doesn't consider the abandoned urban landscapes as art, but sees a surrealistic element in the experience of abandoned modern structures. I think perhaps as nature reclaims these structures the forms which were inorganic and non-fractal in their geometry begin to take on fractal patterns. For cultures such as Africa and Papua New Guinea, where fractal patterns exist in human structures on all scales, large and small, the beauty is there all the time. In our Western architectural, urban, and other structures, large and small, there is a shocking starkness derived from violating the fractal expectations of the natural nervous system. As the structures acquire sabi and wabi, their beauty festers and ripens. The ruins are beautiful for reflecting us as part of nature, artifact-creators. Maybe I am saying the same thing as the site creator, or maybe just not making sense.

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