Monday, March 05, 2007

The Corporation + Manufacturing Consent

A friend informed me that the 1992 Canadian documentary, Manufacturing Consent, about Noam Chomsky, has been released in Japan and is being shown in Shibuya (#25). He also told me that the wikipedia page of Chomsky's political side is also getting built up and may be a good starting point for people who haven't read his writing. It has links to the most useful Chomsky sites.

Unable or unwilling to attend a screening, (and since maybe it is a movie that is better on DVD anyway,) I found that another Canadian documentary, The Corporation, by the same director and producer, Mark Ackbar, had been released by the filmmaker on bittorrent for free download (mininova, for example). I used a considerable amount of bandwidth this weekend slowly pulling it down. (By the way, NeoOffice, OpenOffice, and Ubuntu 6.10 are other free wares you could find and legally download from bittorrent.) The legal download includes an interview with author Joel Bakan by Sam Seder and co-host Janeane Garofalo of The Majority Report on AirAmerica Radio. This avi file is videoed rather amateurly (in my amateur opinion) and adds another 400 MB to the two 700 MB files which make up the movie. It is not so bad to have the extra as video, even though it could have been audio, but it should have just been compressed to something like 100 MB. It may be nice if you are a fan of the show and want to see them doing the radio interview, and have broadband, but it probably added another 10 hours to my download time, and I could hear the iLamp's fan going full power all day and night.

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