Monday, March 12, 2007

Canned and packed into a box (LIBBY'S)

I don't want to be thought of as a right-wing nutjob or anything, and I wouldn't want to do anything that would help Mister Cheney, but isn't iLewis Scooter Libby going down for exactly the same crime that Clinton was impeached for and lightly scolded for? Perjury. Lying under oath to a grand jury. Giving false testimony.

Clinton made a mistake by lying under oath. After rejecting the two reasonable choices of either taking the Fifth or just 'fessin' up to the nonchalant American public who he apparently thought would not accept it, he chose perjury, thinking he was too smart to get caught. After that, he should have resigned gracefully and let Gore take the reigns. He could have beat Starr by either taking the 5th or just admitting it. The only way to fail was to lie himself into a corner, as Scooter did.

In the procedure to try him by a jury of the congress and senate, he got off because he was the elected president and was popular.

Replacing a president is not such a big deal outside of the elective dictatorships. We have had Prime Ministers die in Japan (Obuchi) and get relatively little attention, maybe 30 minutes on the news at most. It was about the attention that the death of Norman Mineta or Alberto Gonzales would get in the US. It's just like changing a light bulb. If Clinton burned out, screw in Al Gore.

It is like a litmus test to see who thought it was terrible that Clinton was being charged, that he should be immune as the supreme leader, above the law. People who were never political (like came out of the woodwork to defend Clinton just when he should have been replaced. Now we have this person a little lower down in an even more authoritarian administration. We need to back away from the precedent which was set earlier. I doubt that really would want to move on if Cheney or Bush are themselves conficted of lying and come before an impeachment hearing.

It really didn't take much imagination to see that this would happen, that in a few years, there would be a Republican in the same position. That's why we needed to be hard on Clinton for betraying his supporters, those who thought he would help our cause, not place the secrecy of the presidential blow job from the imperial concubine above the job of working for the people.

I don't trust anyone who has a different position on the two cases; they are all partisans and closet authoritarians, and they don't even know it. Unfortunately, that is most of the population. Only 5 Democrats and five Republicans crossed party lines in the 90s Clinton impeachment vote in the House, as I recall.

Everyone else goes straight along party lines. It is no different than a street gang, prison gang, or a gang of bullies on the playground. Completely unprincipled and inconsistent hypocritical behavior and double standards.

Letting Clinton off the hook enabled us to suffer under Cheney and his minions. When they pardon him, they will bring up the Clinton case as their precedent.

Just sayin'. Clinton is still my favorite recent president. Justice is hard to come by, and people weren't buying it from Ken Starr. Pat Fitzgerald has better public trust, I would think, and the Bushies have much less. The partisan blindness just freaks me out.

Anyway, all this Libby news reminds us of the canned goods department. You know canned goods: the kind of things you stock in your fallout shelter in case you need to live underground until the radiation subsides.

There is the Libby's Libby's Libby's of old.

WTFWTT? I guess the marketers thought people weren't remembering the name.(?)

100% Pure Pumpkin.

They have lost track of what kind of meat this is? What does "Potted Meat" mean?

You don't want to watch it being made.

Let's leave Senator Lieberman out of this!

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