Saturday, February 17, 2007

iBook RIP (2001-2007) (700 MHz, 30GB)

The patient died on the operating table. To be fair, it may have already been in a deep coma. This morning it had the pulsating light of sleep mode but wouldn't wake up from sleep or restart. It may have been the fault of the Ubuntu system; I don't know if it deals with sleep mode and takes commands from the power button correctly, as it didn't respect the Eject button, either. It just kept pulsating, so I disconnected the battery and began to operate. I had to run out to buy some tools. They are all very small. I used this site as my reference.

Things were going fairly well, although it was a little beyond my imagination, but I stalled at the point of dismantling the display, finding I didn't have the Allen wrench or Torq wrench of quite the right size. I thought it might be changed just by messing with the wires. I thought maybe it would work again at 90 or 120 degrees open, and I could just lock it down in that configuration somewhere. I was getting tired of it, and went for re-assembly.

No luck with the display, and it lost the little functionality it had. It is now displaying all the interactivity of a brick. In hindsight, I probably should have just hooked it up to an external monitor and let it be a stationary computer. It could have run OS X or even OS 9. Maybe I was too greedy, but it would have been nice if it had come back to life. Maybe it still will. I'll keep the lights on for it. In hell.

Oh, the memoryz. I remember how OS X froze the first hour I ever ran it. I reverted to OS 9 but it wouldn't accept an English system so I ran a Japanese OS 9 for several years. What was I thinking? I upgraded to 10.2 and 10.3 (English) to run the Java application that handled the Rio Karma. 10.2 was the first version of X to equal OS 9; 10.3 surpassed it.

I ended up with a few of the 40+ screws left over. It makes the iBook lighter, an engineering improvement. Actually, it tends to swell a little now that a few bits like the electromagnetic shield are not bolted down in 12 places. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't try to become a surgeon.

I did salvage the AirMac Card. Realized the slot iMacs need an adapter. Wondering if I have one around. Must check sock drawer.

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