Monday, January 15, 2007

The George W. Bush Memorial Library at Abu Ghraib

Some controversy has apparently arisen over the legacy of George W. Bush and the handful of documents that he intends to use to dedicate his proposed future "Presidential Library". Some worry that proposed plans to place the library at Southern Methodist University in Dallas will further cement the city's ugly reputation for killing Kennedy and encouraging Bushes. Residents fear the building may become an attractive target for terrorists. I haven't googled this to see if anyone else has made the suggestion, so they probably have, like that "50 Ways to Leave Iraq" idea that I was thinking about, but how about Abu Ghraib? Locating the George W. Bush pRedsiDenTal Lieberry in Abu Ghraib will send a bold message that this pRedsident idn't afeard to think outside the box, and will form an appropriate and lasting dedication to his legacy.

They might as well make an amusement park out of it and have an animatronic Saddam Hussein hung on a simulated gallows. Lieberrys are so dull, ya know, they need something for the kids…

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