Monday, January 29, 2007

End the American Occupation of Iraq

We know that the American public wants out of Iraq.
We know that the Iraqi public believes that Americans make the security situation worse, and 71% want the Americans to leave within a year.
Polls of US troops in Iraq have shown that 72% wanted out within a year.
Most members of the US House and Senate would like to reduce the number of American troops in Iraq, or are at least not in favor of an increase. To my disappointment, the Congressional Nancys have not yet taken a strong stand.
Generals in the US military said troops should be withdrawn.
Jim Baker and members of the Republican elites in the US want to get troops out of Iraq.
It was reported last week that even Prime Minister Maliki asked Bush to pull US troops out of Baghdad.
Then, there is the rest of the world, too.
It is getting harder to find supporters for keeping the troops in Iraq, aside from Osama binLaden, George W. Bush, Mister Vice President Cheney, Tony BLiaR, and John Howard of Australia.
The Nancys in the House of Reprehensibles must shut down the war machine before it starts in on Iran. The war has been so painless and profitable for Bush and cronies that they think they can still abuse their access and control of the military to ambush Iran. Americans need to insure that Bush feels their pain and the pain of the Iraqis who receive American "aid".

Update 20070131: As a grammar note for the syntax-conscious, note in the text of the AFP wire service article how the writer uses "more bold" as the comparitive form of the adjective rather than the "bolder" which was in use a few years ago. I hear these every day; the suffix "-er" is being regularized with "more". It appears that English may be becoming more of an isolating language and less of an inflecting language.

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