Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Archives of the Journal of Contemporary Comparitive Snackology: American Soft Matcha Cookies

These are the American Soft Matcha-Chocolate Chip-Macadamia Nut cookies, just like Gramma used to make, if your Gramma was a tripped-out hippie who mistook her Japanese roommate's matcha (抹茶) for flour, perhaps due to wearing dark green sunglasses to hide her dilated pupils. The green texture takes some getting used to, but will appeal to the ecologically conscious. We taste-tested these right next to some macadamia-nut choco-chip cookies from Starbucks (matcha not included) about six months ago. That probably wasn't fair. These looked small and sickly next to those, and had a soft, and somewhat additive-heavy taste. There was something mysteriously familiar and nostalgic about them, that became clearer when my co-investigater used the word "PlayDo" to describe them. By themselves, though, when not being compared to a Starbucks cookie or PlayDo, they really weren't too bad, and I would consider eating them again if I were eating non-fresh snacks. They also may be worth keeping in stock as earthquake survival food, if the expiration dates are a year or so out… (I don't remember). Now you can eat your tea and drink your corn (just like your nightmare hippie Gramma used to tell you to do).

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