Monday, May 29, 2006

Time Out for Installing Clocks

I saw some javascript clocks and couldn't resist adding one to this site. But none of them were quite exactly right, or I am just indecisive, so I put three here to try them out. The digital one is best, I suppose. Too bad it doesn't tell the date. (I am usually living in someone's tomorrow.) The analog one has the date, but is hard to tell what the actual time is. Also, you can't read the date unless you increase the size of the clock to the point where it won't fit the sidebar unless I resize it. Finally, there are clocks that count down or up from a certain date, and I need one of those to tell me what day this is in this lifetime. I hope you can actually see these and not just a messy javascript error writing nasty text all over your page or giving you three dialog boxes you have to dismiss.

Note that I am currently in my 16,000s.

Does that sound like I should probably change the oil and my belts pretty soon?

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