Thursday, May 25, 2006

CELL by Stephen King

Eighteen chapters of "Book Extracts" from retired (?) writer Stephen King's new novel CELL are available from,,8802-2055797,00.html  through to what looks like a conclusion at,,8802-2055520,00.html

If you are like me, and a fan of short short stories, you will just read the first two chapters to pick up the premise and let your imagination do the rest. (Writing it as a short story is not the way to sell novels and make movies, however.)

The idea is that the global cellphone network is hacked, and used to send a signal that is formatted, not to wreck the phone, but to trigger a psychosis in the brain of the person who picks up the phone. This psychosis disables the higher functions of the brain. In other words, it's the first cellphone/zombie movie. This horror/signal meme may remind you a little of the Ring, but it may be a little more scientifically plausible, except that the victims also levitate, or so I read in the Amazon reviews.

Update: I stayed up an extra hour to read it. It doesn't seem to be the end after those 18 chapters (or book excerpts or whatever they are), since they are just trying to leave Boston. I didn't see anything about levitation, either, so this comment on Amazon must be from later or a different version.

A. Raymond
Some of the weirdness is just weird but with a stretch could "possibly" happen but the levitating???? I don't get it ....
Mar 24, 2006 1:43 PM PST

Charles B. Hinton
They clearly explained it within the book. Their brains were being rewired so they discovered new areas that we havent unlocked yet.

An illustrated version of the first 2 chapters is at,6115,1150884-2-6_5||1151082|1_,00.html

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