Friday, April 15, 2011

Radiation Plumes
has added radioactivity plume forecasts from various (foreign--and domestic!) sources

拡散予測: 日本気象庁 | ドイツ気象局 | オーストリア気象局 | イギリス気象局 | ノルウェー気象局 | 台湾気象局


Diffusion: Japan Meteorological Agency | Weather Bureau Germany | Austria Weather Bureau | Bureau of Meteorology, UK | Norwegian Meteorological Bureau | Bureau of Meteorology Taiwan

JMA finally gets into the act
(excuse was that it wouldn't be very accurate)
and they release pdfs
in English too tho
but this website turned them into an animation (better!).

Here's the forecast the Germans have come up with to warn people.
go directly there
= the new dedicated link from the Austrians (Österreicheren?)
im Kõln
Click on the picture to see the animations

via Taiwan

The Norveegians!

The UK
This is your webcam on nukeplant

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