Thursday, April 07, 2011

April 7 retrospektiv (link dump)
Japan Earthquake - Ground shifts, water seeps during quake in Chiba, Japan

blackcat123ciao in Urayasu, who also had liquefaction

A better example of it getting a little out of hand indoors was the one in Mito:
Mito City

水戸市の震災状況 (3.11 15:15頃 M7.4余震時)

Liquefaction in NZ

Liquefaction demonstration in a wheelbarrow

driving inside the evacuated zone, seeing many abandoned animals

Tokyo - The Japanese government has issued the evacuation order on March 12 for the residents living within the 20 kilometer radius of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Since then, residents have left their homes...
English language pdf pamflet from NISA, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency.

"Pay attention
not to fall victim to
rumors or

You wouldn't want to be a victim of a political, educational, or awareness-raising campaign. Better to be a victim of government and industrial corporate nuclear blunders and misinformation campaigns. If you are exposed to a demonstration, return home, remove and wash your brain thoroughly in a solution of warm soapy water and concentrated Iodine 134, and visit the TEPCO or NISA website for further instructions.
Give up the land, plant a forest, come back in 150 years. What about the sea? Will radioactive elements bioaccumulate?
Hope this is true. It assumes everything is over now... Ishinomori Mangattan Museum

“There is some trial and error,” said Kuni Yogo, a former atomic energy policy planner in Japan’s Science and Technology Agency. “But this is the beginning of a three- to five-year effort to seize the damage.”
great article
As of 11 p.m. Saturday, some 99 products, including milk and vegetables, were found contaminated in Tokyo and five prefectures to its north and east, according to the ministry's statement on its website.
Chiba detected above-maximum radiation on 11 vegetables, including red-leaf lettuce, Kyodo reported Sunday.
#86(?) This is the end of the estimated tsunami inundation area. Get past here and you should be good. Hello, Pooh Bear.
The German boars roam in forests nearly 950 miles (1,500 kilometers ) from Chernobyl. Yet, the amount of radioactive cesium-137 within their tissue often registers dozens of times beyond the recommended limit for consumption and thousands of times above...

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