Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SCIM-Anthy Nihongo Input in Mandiva on the eee pc 4g

I monkeyed around with the little sucker (eee pc 4G) today and finally got the Japanese language input working. I'm not sure exactly what I did, but I never touched the command line. I found some things I may not have installed from reading a post by another Mandriva/Nihongo user. Then I tweaked the many settings in their control panels and tabs until something clicked. I accidentally created some nonfunctional ghost icons in the top menu bar in the process, so I have a new problem to solve.

I remembered that I only tried Mandriva because it supposedly worked best with the eee pc, as reported here, and Ubuntu (Netbook Remix) bugged out on me. I was thinking about the Distro Selectors, and I think simply visiting Distrowatch, popping opn a page for the major distros, opening those in tabs, and then closing tabs as you eliminate options is a simple way to choose. In my case, if I open those options listed in my earlier post, and eliminate those distros which do not meet my other special needs: being multilingual, having Asian language support, and having a build which runs on the ppc processor architecture (too), then only Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE are worthy. Even Mandriva is knocked out--but I'll make an exception since it is so simple (too simple?) and runs so well on the eee. If I couldn't get the Japanese input working, I was ready to trash Mandriva and try Fedora.

Other people probably have the same issues as me. In other words, you may need to stick with a major distro because it's more likely to have the extra functionality you need, altho in some cases you will get that from a customized distribution like eeebuntu. I have to admit flux-flux for eee was the most visually attractive one I've run yet, but some functionality was missing.

I think I'll stick with what I've got and keep an eye on developments in PC-BSD, Moblin, Android/GoogleChrome, and other up-and-coming fringe OSes.


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Blues Tea-Cha said...

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I don't want to dis you if you are not a spambot. You may be… a cyborg, partially human? I thought you were a Chinese govt hacker directing readers to malware websites. Let's just say your grammar module could use a new subroutine. Improve coherence and cohesion. Embed key words in sentences and a coherent discourse. Those are interesting notes, tho. It's not illegal to re-open the post and edit it.

I will look up some of your links. Hope you get over the parasitic alien robot infestation. They probably have something for that. Don't smoke the velcro.